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Your Custom Embroidered Logo

Your business logo is the most important thing. It’s your image, your brand mark, your Company signature.

Send your logo

You can e-mail us your art ready logo in one of these formats jpg, tiff, eps. If you already

have a logo digitized you can send the file to the email below


Digitizing is a process that tells our computerized embroidery machines where to sew each stitch in order to recreate the logo you sent us. We have a person that specializes in the computer program to convert your design to stitches that the machine will read.

Cost of digitizing

The cost starts at $70 and goes up from there. This is a one time fee and can be used on future orders. There would not be any additional costs on future orders. On occasion there may need to have a rework to the logo for a different application then what it was digitized for like a jack back. There would be a rework charge for this.

Logo size once digitized

Maximum size for a chest size is 3.75” wide x 4.00” high. Caps size 2.25” high and 4.00” wide ( on most hats).

Most logos fall within these size range.

PMS colors

If you have a PMS color code for your logo that is great. That helps us get it right. The thread that we use can be matched to the closest PMS color.

Other Questions Call Customer Service


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